Creating Powerful Teams

Course Description

We are all members of teams - whether at work, in our community, in sports, and in any organization. Team members need to learn how to be effective contributors to their workplace, and managers need to understand what it takes to create powerful teams.  

This 12-hour program explores many core areas that underpin successful teams. We will study the stages of team development and will focus on 6 building blocks for team effectiveness, including purpose, process, communication, involvement, commitment and trust. Students will take a hands-on approach to understand team processes such as priority setting and behavioural ground-rules. A real-life case will be used to explore problem analysis with the emphasis on taking a pro-active approach to preventing problems before they occur. Team meetings are typically regarded as “not a good use of time” by many employees so we will look at factors that contribute to meeting effectiveness.

We also will consider the downside of teams. Dysfunctional behaviour like apprehension to speak up, negative peer pressure, social loafing and groupthink will be explored and applied to a true-life case study. We will look at some of the current research on high-performance teams and how factors like emotional positivity in the team can improve overall effectiveness.

Course Code: MGPT 001 Click on the Section Code link to register.

Section Code: S20N01 // 4 sessions // February 10-11, 24-25, 2020, Times: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tuition: $599 

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn a team problem-solving approach that will be new to most people attending.
  • Students will learn to drive team creativity by practicing brainstorming techniques
  • Students will learn a rational decision-making process and will be able to apply those principles to a recruitment scenario.
  • Students will learn the dynamics of high-performance teams

Who Should Take This Course?

This program targets any individual who feels this type of material can bring positive change to personal skills and any organizational wanting to Create Powerful Teams. No pre-requisites are required to qualify to attend – only an open mind, a good attitude and a desire to learn and apply new concepts.