Employee Relations and Rights

Course Description

 Employers have legal rights and employees do too. Building a positive workplace culture is the goal of organizations in the 21 Century. Words like collaboration, respect and building capacity, signify inspiration leading to best practices on the job. Managers, supervisors and human resource professionals need to understand employment laws in British Colombia; laws that support and edify positive employee relations. A rights approach to the workplace ensures protection for employees and a rights approach provides management with tools that lead. This course will consider three employment laws in BC: Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code and BC Labour Code. 

 Learning Outcomes

 Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the influence of an organization’s culture and identify strategies to increase collaboration and cooperation between parties
  • Apply the principles of the Employment Standards Act to policies and practices in the workplace.
  • Appraise discrimination in the workplace against the Human Rights Code of British Columbia.
  • Analyze the BC Labour Code for legal principles operating in the unionized environment.
  • Design a progressive discipline strategy that is current with legal requirements and considers union and non-union worksites.

Course Delivery

Online course offered from September 8 to  October 6, 2020. MGER 002 F20W02

$499 + GST