Managing a short-term vacation rental

Managing a short-term vacation rental: is Airbnb hosting right for you?

Renting your home whether short term or long term is not for everyone.  Do you have the right mindset and expectations to be successful?  This course will help you answer those questions for yourself.  There are potential hazards and problems for both travelers and hosts in short-term vacation rentals.  All of these issues will be covered as well as practical strategies to help ensure problem free stays.

Short-term vacation rentals (STVR) are increasing in popularity.  Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) are the most popular STVR sites but there are others.  It is also possible to deal directly with guests through your own website.  Many of the common problems and issues of hosting guests will be explored in this 4 hour workshop.

Vacation rentals provide a great alternative to hotels/motels for travelers.  They allow for more flexible, innovative vacation experiences over chain hotels.  Travelers can save money, have an enjoyable experience, and feel like they are at home.  Travelers can stay in remote areas, funky lofts, family homes, apartments, farms, etc.

Vacation rentals can provide a valuable source of income for hosts.  In Nanaimo, hosts charge $50 to $120 per night.  The earnings can significantly reduce or eliminate an owners’ property maintenance costs.  Many hosts also enjoy the personal experience of welcoming travelers in their home.  As Airbnb stays are now taxed by the provincial government, the government is also benefiting from tax revenue.  STVRs benefit the local economy by creating local jobs (housekeepers, managers, and contractor) in addition to providing customers to other local businesses (restaurants, tourism operators, retail stores).

Learning outcomes:

This course looks at most aspects that go into running a successful STVR.  The course includes an informative short booklet on running a short-term vacation rental.  Issues covered include:

  • Legal issues (zoning, strata bylaws)
  • Renovations and Design
  • Daily cleanings and Deep cleanings
  • Customer Service, Guest communication
  • Pricing & Scheduling
  • Photographs & Descriptions
  • Marketing
  • Extra Touches

Who should take this class:

This course is ideal for those thinking of starting a STVR.  It would also be helpful for those with existing STVRs that want tips and tricks to improve their performance.

Course delivery:

March 5th, 5 to 9 pm; $125 Course fee includes an information manual