Mastering Employee Engagement

Course Description

Description:  Managers and supervisors play a demanding role in today’s business environment by equipping organizations with best people practices that yield success. These leaders need to be future-ready to help their workforce adapt, collaborate and excel in our global economy and to prepare for emerging challenges.  This course is designed for leaders and professionals who want to explore how employee engagement strategies drive organizational success and increase productivity and innovation. Participants will learn approaches that go beyond common reward and recognition programs, because these programs actually decrease employee motivation by focusing on individual performance, rather than the efforts of teams.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Define and explain the factors that drive employee engagement 
  • Identify strategies that overcome organizational challenges when initiating an employee engagement culture
  • Explain how engagement motivates employees' performance, beyond pay and benefits
  • Identify and apply the major three influences on employee engagement: Purpose, Empowerment and Mastery
  • Describe how Purpose emerges through leadership, performance management and communication
  • Explain how Empowerment emerges through autonomy focused on results 
  • Describe how Mastery emerges through regular check-ins that recognize outcomes and remediates problems


Week One:  The Business Case for Employee Engagement

Week Two: Purpose: Through Leadership and Communication

Week Three: Empowerment: Unleashing Productivity

Week Four:  Mastery: Recognizing Performance and Giving Feedback

Course Structure:

This course is a total of 12 hours delivered online over four weeks. Learning is distributed within a 40-40-20 framework: 40% of the learning is applied, 40% is through peer engagement and 20% is through theory. Every week, participants are required to read resources, then relate this theory to their personal organizational situation. They complete weekly assignments and submit them either for the instructor’s feedback or to their peer-discussion forum. Through online discussion, participants rationalize their assignments and give and receive feedback to and from their co-learners. The instructor also provides feedback in these forums. Participants are free to determine their own processes on how they collaborate and post their assignments, as long as they meet assignment deadlines. Course completion is based on participants completing and participating in a minimum 85% of the course.

Course Delivery

Dates: September 8 - October 6, 2020 | Online course - Facilitator: Edie Dittman, B.Admin, CACE 

Tuition: $499 + GST