Leadership training workshops

Good leaders make positive change

Our leadership workshops do more than just impart knowledge; they seek to bring about real change.

These short sessions provide your team with the tools to:

  • create a supportive workplace
  • improve interpersonal connections
  • achieve successful results

These workshops help your team to handle challenges with resilience and cultivate a culture of trust, inclusiveness and safety.

Pick the workshops that your organization needs and contact us about next steps. Please email pdt@viu.ca or call 250-740-6580 to speak with our program coordinator.

Format: Each workshop is delivered in-person
Location: On campus or at a location of your choice
Customizable: We can customize course material to meet your company's strategic goals.

Workshop topics

Customer Service Excellence

In today’s competitive business environment, exceptional customer service is crucial for building lasting customer relationships and ensuring business success. This intensive one-day workshop gives your team the skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding customer service. Through a mix of interactive sessions, practical exercises and real-world case studies, you learn how to

  • understand customer needs
  • communicate effectively
  • resolve conflicts,
  • exceed customer expectations.

Goal Setting and Time Management

An organization’s success relies on everyone doing their job in in a timely manner. Gain a comprehensive understanding of goal-setting techniques and practical tools for effective time management. Learn how to

  • overcome common obstacles
  • prioritize tasks
  • eliminate time-wasting activities
  • develop effective scheduling and planning techniques.

You will come away with skills to be more productive, dependable, able to handle distractions and in control of your workload.

Workplace Resilience

Resilience is a critical attribute that helps individuals thrive amidst challenges, adapt to change and maintain high levels of well-being and productivity. The ability to cope and bounce back from challenges is crucial to the health of your workplace. In this course, you will explore the concept of resilience and practical strategies to enhance it. Your team will develop a deeper understanding of resilience and apply techniques to overcome adversity.

Adapting Your Leadership Style as a Manager

Successful leaders recognize the importance of aligning their leadership style with the experience, skill, and mental fortitude of their employees. Learn practical strategies to adjust your leadership approach based on situational demands and the needs of team members. Gain an understanding of how to foster a collaborative and high-performing work environment.

Creating Effective Teams

High-performance teams don’t just happen, they are created. Develop a comprehensive understanding of

  • the principles of effective team leadership
  • characteristics of high-performing teams
  • steps to building high-performing teams,
  • how to foster effective communication
  • navigating team dynamics.

Motivating Employees

This course gives managers and team leaders the skills to motivate and engage their employees. You will explore various motivational theories, strategies and practical techniques to inspire and energize teams. Learn how to

  • create a positive work environment,
  • set meaningful goals,
  • provide constructive feedback
  • recognize and reward performance.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

When a workplace is psychologically safe, people feel comfortable to be themselves and express their ideas and opinions. In this course, you will learn to create an inclusive and supportive work environment by embracing the four stages of psychological safety. You will explore the concept of psychological safety in teams and gain insights and strategies to encourage open communication, innovation and build a culture of learning and growth.

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Conflict often arises when there is miscommunication or a perceived clash of interests between two or more people. Explore common sources of conflict and how it can be addressed before it escalates. Participants will practice conflict resolution skills using real-world scenarios and come away with essential tools to successfully manage workplace conflict.

Leadership Fundamentals

The Leadership Fundamentals workshop gives you with the skills and knowledge to become an effective leader. This immersive one-day workshop covers the core principles of leadership, including

  • understanding various leadership styles
  • developing critical leadership skills
  • fostering team dynamics.

Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and group discussions, participants will gain insights into their leadership potential and learn strategies to lead with confidence and integrity. This workshop is ideal for emerging leaders, supervisors, managers, and anyone looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Introduction to Coaching Employees

Coaching employees is a skill every supervisor should have. In this course you explore the foundations of coaching and learn skills to support and develop employees in the workplace. You learn

  • the principles of building trust
  • communication strategies
  • practical tools to enhance their coaching abilities
  • how to foster a positive work environment.

11) Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment can lead to a toxic work environment, decreased productivity, and have legal consequences. This comprehensive one-day workshop provides your team with the knowledge and tools to identify, prevent, and respond to bullying and harassment in the workplace. Through interactive sessions, case studies and practical exercises, your team will learn about:

  • rights and responsibilities
  • effective reporting procedures
  • strategies to foster a respectful and safe work environment


Interested in one of these leadership workshops for your team? Please email pdt@viu.ca or call 250-740-6580 to speak with our program coordinator.