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Certificate Programs

Professional Development & Training in the Faculty of Health & Human Services offers short-term programs that are designed to prepare you for employment immediately upon graduation. 

A summary of PD&T Certificate Programs, by campus location, can be found in our Program Availability List.   

Courses & Workshops

PD&T courses can advance your career as a healthcare and human services professional.   From VIU degree program prerequisites to certificate program information sessions, educator requirements to ongoing professional development & training, you will find the complete list of courses that are OPEN FOR REGISTRATION.

Important information from registration to refunds can be found on our Health & Human Services PD&T Courses & Workshops Information page.

Essential Prerequisite Courses

Human Anatomy & Physiology For Practical Nurses

An overview of structure and function of the human body, including various health promotion strategies supporting optimal function. Topics include the disease transmission process and medical terminology relevant to normal human anatomy and physiology. Prerequisite: None.

NOTE: Textbook required: Human Body in Health and Disease


HHPN 001  F18N01 (Nanaimo)

Start Date: September 27, 2018

17 Sessions*:

  • Tue & Thu, Sep. 27-Nov 20; 6-9pm; and
  • Thu, Nov 22, 6-8pm

Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology

Learn medical words, identifying suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms related to body systems. Prepares students to write the VIHA Medical Terminology exam. Meets prerequisite for Hospital Unit Coordinator, Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, and Medical Office Assistant Certificate programs. Statement of Course Completion awarded on successful completion. Prerequisite: None.  Cost: $479.00

NOTE: Textbook required: The Language of Medicine


OSME 002 S19W01 - Jan 14 - April 26, 2019

OSME 002 I19W04 - April 29 - Aug 9, 2019

OSME 002 I19W08 - Aug 26 - Dec 6, 2019

In Person Classroom

OSME 002 S19Q01  (Parksville) - Feb 28 - May 16, 2019

- 24 sessions: Mon and Thu, Feb 28 - May 16, 6-8:30 pm and Tue, Apr 23; 6-8:30 pm (No class Apr 22)

Interpersonal Skills For Health Care Workers

Your success in a high volume, challenging workplace depends on your ability to effectively communicate. Gain a better understanding of your personal style and your impact on others. Discover how to minimize conflict and foster teamwork through clear communication and appreciation for other styles. Through small group discussions, paired activities and reflection, you will identify ways to improve your interpersonal communication skills that are so critical for a demanding workplace. Note: This course is a prerequisite for the Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Certificate Program.

HHIP 001 F18N01 (Nanaimo)
3 sessions:  Fri, Sat, & Sun, Sep 21-23; 9 - 4:30

Alexis Beaubier

*Note: Tuition increase planned for 2019

Crisis Prevention Institute Courses

PD&T is proud to offer Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training programs that equip individuals with proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage. CPI training has set the standard for crisis prevention and intervention training for over 35 years.  

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Seminar

This six hour seminar provides an introduction to crisis prevention that emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behaviour. Ideal for those working with the public in various capacities, this curriculum provided by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) prepares participants to respond effectively in challenging situations. Personal safety techniques are demonstrated and practiced to prepare participants to safely remove themselves and others from dangerous situations. CPI certificate awarded upon successful completion.

HHNS 010 - Next intake TBD, early 2019 

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Workshop

This nine hour workshop provides an introduction to crisis prevention emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behaviour and includes the study and practice of crisis prevention methods, including restraint position, transport techniques, and team strategies.  This Crisis Prevention Institute course has a core philosophy of providing for the care, welfare, safety, and security of everyone involved in a crisis situation.

HHNW 020 - Next intake TBD early 2019 

Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills – Level I

Introduces the basic skills that form the foundation of helping relationships. Emphasizes development and practice of helping skills such as: attending; paraphrasing; reflecting; clarifying; questioning; and summarizing. Participants engage in experiential learning exercises and role plays. This course is recognized for entry into various volunteer/lay counsellor training programs on Vancouver Island but is open to anyone interested in gaining these skills. Note: You MUST attend the first six hours in order to continue in the class.

HHCO 010 - F18N01 (Nanaimo)

5 sessions:  Tue, Oct. 16-30, 2018; 5-9 pm; and Sat and Sun, Nov 3 & 4; 9am-4 pm

Karen Max


HHCO 010 - S19N01 (Nanaimo)

5 sessions:  Tue, Feb 19-Mar 5, 2019; 5-9 pm; and Sat and Sun, Mar 9 & 10; 9am-4 pm

Karen Max

Counselling Skills – Level II

Emphasizes skill practice, feedback, and self-evaluation. Non-credit Statement of Course Completion awarded on completion of Levels I and II. Supplies required. This is the second prerequisite to the NFLA Volunteer Counselling Training Program. Note: You MUST attend the first six hours in order to continue in the class. Prerequisite: Counselling Skills - Level I (HHCO 010) or permission.

HHCO 020 - S19N01 (Nanaimo)

5 sessions:  Tue, Mar 19-Apr 2, 2019; 5-9 pm; and Sat and Sun, Apr 6 & 7; 9am-4 pm

Karen Max

For Nurses

Nursing Foot Care

Designed for nurses responsible for foot care in facility and community settings. Provides theoretical and practical instruction in non-invasive foot care, emphasizing the healthy foot. The course also focuses on specific conditions and foot care needs. Topics include use of equipment, terminology, infection control, holistic approach to foot care, overview of foot care within the scope of nursing practice, and an introduction to private practice foot care. Prerequisite: Open to Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses.

HHFC 023 F18N01 (Nanaimo)
6 sessions:  Sat, & Sun, Nov 3, 4, 17, 18, 24, & 25, 2018; 9am - 5pm (NOTE: No class Nov 10 & 11)

Shannon Simons

NOTE: Text required & TBA

Wound Care For Nurses

Open to LPNs and RNs, this course introduces concepts central to maintaining skin integrity and promoting wound healing, provides hands-on practice with wound products from VIHA |inventory, and integrates knowledge with practice through case studies. The day starts with the question everyone has, "What product do |I use?" and ends with participants an evidence-based framework with which to make informed decisions on product selection.

HHWC 004 - Next date TBD

Early Childhood Education and Care

These credit offerings are open to all. The BC Ministry of Children and Family Development recognizes these courses as meeting the training requirement for those who wish to obtain an Early Childhood Educator Assistant License to Practice.

Fall 2018 Online

ECEC 110 I18W70: Child Development I (3 Credits)

An examination of developmental theories explaining human growth from conception to early childhood. Explores current research in developmental research. Addresses the image of the child in society and the influence of family and culture on children's growth. Application of theoretical knowledge to early childhood practice is emphasized
NOTE: Textbook required: Children: A Chronological Approach
ECEC 110: Child Development I (Online)
September 4 - December 7, 2018
$561.95 + Society & Activity fees
Jamie Covey

ECEC 130 I18W70: Principles and Practices of Wellness (3 Credits)

An introduction to the principles and practices of health, safety, effective care routines, and nutrition that promote the wellness of young children. Topics include health promotion, appropriate ways of responding to common childhood conditions and child abuse, and the formation of effective partnerships with families as it pertains to wellness.
NOTE: Textbook required: Well Beings: A Guide to Health in Child Care
ECEC 130: Principles and Practices of Wellness (Online)
September 4 - December 7, 2018
$561.95 + Society & Activity fees
Jamie Covey

For ECEC courses, current VIU students can apply online through "My Student Record".

New Students will need to apply to VIU.

Application Information

New Students

NEW students, to apply to PD&T Certificate Programs and ECEC courses, please apply to VIU. Upon notification of acceptance to VIU, you will receive information regarding the registration procedure.

Current Students

CURRENT students can register directly using the online registration system or contact Registration at 250.740.6400 or toll free at 1.888.920.2221 Ext. 6400

Supplemental Application Forms

  • Immunization Requirements for Health Care Programs immunization_requirements.pdf 
  • Criminal Record Check  crc-consent.pdf
    • Do NOT mail the Criminal Record Check to the Ministry yourself.  Present the completed form to the cashiers in Building 200.  Pay the processing fee.  The cashier will stamp the form and direct you to Registration, where you will present the form along wth two pieces of government-issued ID.  The new driver's license / heath card combination is accepted as two pieces of ID.   The registration office is open M-F 8:30am-3:30pm (250-740-6400).   VIU will contact you if any further action needs to be taken prior to starting your program.
  • HSPnet Student Consent Form  HSPnet_Student_Consent_form.pdf

Information Sessions

Every Spring, PD&T hosts information sessions for our Certificate Programs.  Join us and meet PD&T staff and instructors.  Learn more about our programs, courses, instructor team, practicums, potential career opportunities, and application procedures.  If you missed an information session, please feel free to contact us with your questions.   

Please let us know if you plan on attending, it's free! 

Click here for more information and link to REGISTRATION.

Information Sessions:

  • Hospital Unit Coordinator - next date 2019
  • Animal Care Aide - next date 2019
  • Community Mental Health Worker - next date 2019
  • Medical Device Reprocessing Technician - next date 2019

Page updated Sept 10, 2018

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